If your business has complex decision making problem where you have to enumerate so many different possibilities before finding the optimal answer, we can help with developing the mathematical models and solving the problem quickly with mathematical software called solvers. You need to define the objectives, decision variables, and boundary conditions. We will build the mathematical model for you and the recommended optimal solution can be obtained quickly without having to enumerate. It may be possible to implement the model in Excel.

If the problem is too complex to model mathematically, we can use simulation modelling instead. The enumeration of each scenario will be done by the simulation software automatically after the input factors values have been defined.

We can assist in setting up O.R. capability in your organization.

Current consulting projects:

  • Capacity optimization of highly complex tester cells for an I.C. manufacturer – reduce tester requirements by optimizing the assignment of products’ mix to tester
  • Warehouse simulation modeling of a solar panel manufacturer – understand space, trucks, materials handling equipment, and headcount requirement to support product ramp

We have experience in using the following simulation and optimization software packages in solving our clients’ business decision making problems:

  • IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio
  • Excel Solver and OpenSolver for Excel
  • Applied Material’s AutoMod discrete event simulation software
  • AnyLogic simulation software