We offer “Decision Optimization” public and in-house seminars in Malaysia. We can also conduct training outside Malaysia.

In the seminars, participants will learn how to make the best choices in optimizing performance measures (e.g. minimize cost, maximize profit) within boundary conditions (e.g. resources constraints) using advanced analytical methods and mathematical software called solvers. The 1-day seminar is for managers to understand the concept. The 3-day seminar is for the executives who will develop the models to support management decision making. Brochure for both seminars is here.

3-day public seminar per person 1,800
3-day in-house seminar starts from* 18,000
1-day in-house seminar for managers starts from* 6,000
max 25 participants for in-house seminars
* exclude travel & accommodation costs for instructor

The seminar fee is fully claimable under HRDF SBL Scheme for eligible Malaysian employees and companies. If you plan to send more than 10 participants, we recommend in-house seminar. The in-house seminars venue and dates can be arranged to meet your needs.

We also offer 2-day workshop for participants who have attended the 3-day seminar to bring selected problems from their organization and solve it hands-on with guidance by instructor during the workshop.  The last workshop was held on 23-24 March, 2018 at Vistana Hotel, Penang.  Brochure is here.

Previous participants of public and in-house Decision Optimization seminars (done through collaboration with USAINS) include OSRAM, Intel, Silterra, USM, and MAHB. Recently participants include UPM, UiTM, and UNITEN/TNB. For further information, please contact us.

Preview of the training which we can present to your organization in 90 minutes.