Operations Research in Malaysia

Unfortunately, O.R. in Malaysia is not as popular as in developed countries (North America, Europe, Taiwan, South Korea, and Singapore). O.R. subjects are taught in undergraduate and graduate programs but the problem is the application. The lecturers who taught O.R. subjects in Malaysia public universities have little or zero experience applying it to industry, hence only the theories are taught. When the graduates work in industry, they have no clue how to apply O.R. in solving large-scale real-world problems. The software tools used in academia are also different than what the industry uses.

We do have the Management Science and Operations Research Society of Malaysia, MSORSM. Members are mainly from academia. Their key activities are conferences and workshops organization. In 2016 I joined MSORSM as a life member hoping to contribute to the society, but I have no opportunity yet other than giving keynote presentations to their annual meeting.

Here is my presentation to the 2016 MSORSM annual meeting. I also posted the same material in SlideShare and most viewers are from outside Malaysia.

I was lucky to have the opportunity to work in high-technology multi-national companies. For 13 years, I have learnt and applied O.R. advanced analytical methods to solve large-scale semiconductor industry problem using best-in-class software and tools similar to what being done in USA. Now that I have left industry, I have the opportunity to share my experience and knowledge.